whirlawayWhirlaway: a Short Story

July is a horse girl. It’s what her mother always told her when nothing else seemed to fit. But July’s mom left her with the horses four years ago to chase a dream, and she hasn’t come back…until now.

Winner of the Thoroughbred Times Fiction Contest in 2010, Whirlaway is the short story prequel to Stay the Distance.

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saratoga summersSaratoga Summers: a Short Story

July Carter is the daughter of a racehorse trainer and a jockey, always surrounded by other people’s horses. Beck Delaney is an owner’s son, his name connected to a growing horse farm in need of a trainer. July’s dad fits the bill perfectly. Now summers for July will be spent at beautiful Blackbridge Farm, training Thoroughbreds for the races at Saratoga, a horse racing paradise.

With Beck.

What could possibly go wrong?

Saratoga Summers is a fifty-page short story prequel—and immediate sequel—to Stay the Distance.

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deck_the_stalls_coverAll is Bright
Deck the Stalls: Horse Stories for the Holidays Anthology. Red Mare Press, 2016.

July knows Pluck isn’t hers, but it’s still hard to give him up. Her Mom? She’s a different story…

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One Thousand Words For War Anthology. CBAY Books, 2016.

Zoya knows one thing: she cannot stay in the walled city of Norilsk. But how can she justify escape when she learns her family’s history has always been leading the fight?

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How to Trick the Devil Anthology. Erebus Press, 2015.

Just a story of a girl, a problematic devil, and an unfortunate chicken meeting at a crossroads.

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