Stay the Distance Series

stay the distanceBook 1: Stay the Distance

Nothing is permanent. Especially not a horse.

July Carter’s world is perfect from the back of a horse. From the ground, everything is a complete mess: her jockey mom ran off for California years ago, her dad always seems more interested in the horses than in her, and the horse July wants for herself will never be hers.

Even though the New York racing circuit has taught her not to get attached, July can’t help connecting with Kali, a hopeless filly that refuses to run when it counts. When bankruptcy rumors start swirling around the barn, the future is murkier than ever. July can’t stand losing one more thing, and Beck, the barn owner’s son, knows more about the rumors than anyone else. July will get the truth, even if she has to pry it out of him, for Kali’s sake and her own.

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“This book is so well written that it was like watching a movie – in fact, I would love to see this turned into a series, I am sure it would have the same success as Lauren Brooke, Heartland.” – Mary Anne Yarde, author of The Du Lac Chronicles

“The author obviously knows her horses. Entertaining and realistic – a great read.” – Christine Meunier, The Equus Blog

“This is an excellent novel for any reader, but I think that teenage, horse crazy girls would fall in love with it. It’s just the book I was always searching for when I was that age. I don’t know if there will be any more books written about July Carter, but I will definitely read them if there are.” – CourtneysReads

“Excellent beautifully written young adult romance set in the world of horse racing written by someone who knows her way around horses is just what this book is.” – Cathy Geha

“I’m just going to be blunt. I absolutely loved this story. It’s so nice to read a horse book and have everything be so accurate. … I was hooked into this story from the very first page and while I couldn’t wait to see how it would end, I hated that I had to finish it.” – Read to the Stars

all heart ebook coverBook 2: All Heart

Summer’s over.

It’s been a summer of changes for July Carter, who has left the high stakes racing season at Saratoga with not only a young filly to call her own, but also an unexpected boyfriend. Change, it appears, is good.

But as the Thoroughbreds return to Belmont Park for fall races, July is caught up in all of those summer changes. With Kali struggling at her new barn, college applications to write, and her relationship with Beck frustratingly undefined, July doesn’t know what to tackle first. On top of it all, her mother is back in New York to ride Lighter, the barn’s most promising–if completely crazy–colt, stirring up trouble in the shedrow, which now sits mostly empty.

When Lighter goes lame during a workout, July simmers over. And when Beck decides that she might be too much for him, July finds herself staring down another change. This time, it’s unwelcome. This time, her heart is on the line.

Fans of Stay the Distance will be eager to return to July’s story of family relationships, new love, and the exciting world of Thoroughbred racing.

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Prequel Short Story: Whirlaway

July is a horse girl. It’s what her mother always told her when nothing else seemed to fit. But July’s mom left her with the horses four years ago to chase a dream, and she hasn’t come back…until now.

Winner of the Thoroughbred Times Fiction Contest in 2010, Whirlaway is the short story prequel to Stay the Distance.

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saratoga summers

Short Story: Saratoga Summers

July Carter is the daughter of a racehorse trainer and a jockey, always surrounded by other people’s horses. Beck Delaney is an owner’s son, his name connected to a growing horse farm in need of a trainer. July’s dad fits the bill perfectly. Now summers for July will be spent at beautiful Blackbridge Farm, training Thoroughbreds for the races at Saratoga, a horse racing paradise.

With Beck.

What could possibly go wrong?

Saratoga Summers is a fifty-page short story prequel—and immediate sequel—to Stay the Distance.

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